How does it work?

When your septic system malfunctions, the septic drainfield is not able to keep up with house water output. Drains are slow and sometimes backed up, and toilets don't flush. Pumping your septic tank doesn't seem to help. Your plumber or pumper may have suggested replacement of your septic laterals, which is a long, messy, and costly procedure.

Ozark Septic Aeration uses a machine that has revolutionized septic service. Now you can have your septic laterals restored with -- NO DIGGING -- IN ABOUT ONE DAY -- AT A FRACTION OF THE COST!* The machine follows your septic laterals, injecting jets of air to loosen the soil around the laterals -- and eco-friendly polystyrene pellets to keep it loose-- allowing water to drain. Most of the time you can watch your laterals start to drain immediately!

OSA's process uses a long probe to inject air into the ground near the lateral field at a depth of 4 to 6 feet. This fractures the soil upward and injects polystyrene beads to help restore the soil's ability to drain liquid away from the laterals.